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(June 2023) Our recent Science paper, “Size of cerium dioxide support nanocrystals dictates reactivity of highly dispersed palladium catalysts“, was featured on science popularization websites, Eurekalert, ScienceDaily, and Belgian newspapers, Nieuwsblad, De Tijd.

(June 2023) Prof. Bals was elected as a member of the European Academy of Sciences!

(June 2023) Prof. Bals’ research in advanced in-situ 3D electron microscopy was featured with an interview presented in the 2022 FWO yearbook. (link)

(May 2023) Our recent Science paper, “Restructuring of titanium oxide overlayers over nickel nanoparticles during catalysis“, was featured on the Chemical and Engineering, and websites. A Dutch news article was published in the Dutch “C2W Mens and Molecules” Dutch science popularization journal.

(February 2023) 66 papers acknowledging the RealNano project have now been published!

(June 2022) Our recent ACS Nano paper, “Thermal Activation of Gold Atom Diffusion in Au@Pt Nanorods”, was featured on the Nanowerk science popularization website: “Gold moves faster than platinum at the atomic scale“.

(April 2022) The recent ACS Materials Letters paper on the tomographic quantification of nanoparticle chirality was featured on Nanowerk: “A new method to quantify structural helicity in chiral nanoparticles

(October 2021) Brendt De Coen joins the RealNano team.

(May 2021) Prof. Sara Bals receives the 2021 ACS NANO Lectureship award!

(January 2020) Safyyie Kavak and Dr. Nadine Schrenker join the RealNano team.

(December 2020) Our recent review paper, “Fast Electron Tomography for Nanomaterials”, on ongoing fast tomography methodology developments has been selected as ACS Editor’s Choice in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

(December 2020) 20 papers acknowledging the RealNano project are published!

(June 2020) The recent Science paper on gold nanoscrews in collaboration with the group of Luis Liz-Marzan from CIC biomaGUNE (Spain) was also featured on EurekAlert: “A mechanism to obtain metal “nanoscrews”unveiled at CIC biomaGUNE is published in Science

(June 2020) 2020 JEOL-EM prize was awarded by the European Microscopy Society to Prof. Bals. The jury decided to offer the Physical/Materials Sciences and Optics Award to Prof. Dr. Sara BALS, for her outstanding achievements in the field of 3D electron tomography. “By combining state-of-the-art electron microscopy with advanced reconstruction algorithms, Sara Bals has significantly contributed to development and implementation of this method which today enables determination of the positions and chemical nature of atoms in individual nanoparticles. The research of Sara Bals is highly innovative and widely recognized by the EM scientific community.”

(June 2020) Hans Vanrompay successfully defends his PhD thesis titled “Toward Fast and Dose Efficient Electron Tomography“.

(May 2020) Dr. Kellie Jenkinson joins the RealNano team.

(January 2020) Prof. Bals is elected as member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts: Natural Sciences

(December 2019) Prof. Sara Bals is featured on the website “1 million women in STEM

(November 2019) Plenary presentation by Prof Bals “3D Characterization of Nanomaterials under Realistic Conditions” at “Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference” Paris, France.

(September 2019) Keynote presentation by Prof. Bals “Towards 3D Characterization of Nanomaterials under Realistic Conditions” at “EUROMAT 2019” Stockholm

(August 2019) Mr. Evgenii Vlasov joins the RealNano team.

(July 2019) Mr. Mikhail Mychinko joins the RealNano team.

(July 2019) Plenary presentation by Prof. Bals “High Resolution Electron Tomography: From Model Like Systems to Real Nanomaterials” at “International Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures 2019” Cairns, Australia,

(May 2019) Start of the RealNano project!